Cult of Usukumya

The Cult of Usukumya is a lolita webring with an intent to connect lolitas from around the web. All substyles are welcome.

Thank you fizzsea for the widget!

The Rules

- You must have something lolita related on your site. While you may be a lolita in your life and your site is seperate from that, this webring is intended for lolitas to see other lolitas on the web. It sparks joy.

- You must not host content that is specifically malicious or hateful to any group of people. You are not welcome here.

- No kink websites. Lolita is not a kink and should not be associated with it.

- Please put the Cult of Usukumya web widget when you apply! The arrows will appear on the side of the widget after you've been accepted. You may have to clear your cache to see it on your end! I remove people who don't add the widget monthly, but do no worry. I can readd you if you just reapply or contact me some other way!

- If you need to make edits to your entry, please email the webmistress at

Add this to your website to add the widget. An arrow and random button will appear along the sides when you've been added to the ring. You can change the number after 'widget' to 1-6 to get another color!

The Form

Members of the Cult

Button Site Description Favorite Substyle
User Buttonhttps://ophanimkei.coma scrapbook of the webmistresses's hobbies and favorite thingsgothic, old school
User Button site revolving around oc art, with some with frilly cute outfits!classic, old school
User Button fairytale cottage serving as a digital scrapbook for the things I cherish most in life, including lolita fashion!Country, classic, sweet, old school
User Button personal website of a girly weeb2010s sweet
User Button, gyaru, cyber, art, dolls and more!old school, sweet, gothic, county
User Buttonhttps://crow-queen.neocities.orgwebsite where a lolita catalogues and writes about treasured items and interestsgothic, classic, old school
User Buttonhttps://datura.neocities.orgA virtual manor inhabited by dolls, mysteries and a frilly wardrobe among other things ♡gothic, classic, old school
User Button personal information hoard for what ever im currently intosweet and gothic style oldschool
User Button's burrow of various trinkets from across the web.old school, sweet
User Button, kawaii nostalgia, old web stuff, lots of secrets, web materials, funky coding, and so much more.Sweet
User Button site where i document my collections and talk about my interests ♡old school
User Button webzone with plenty of art, messy code, fashion, music, and vibes.ouji, goth, ega
User Button personal egl fashion site that hosts my closet, sewing projects, baking projects and more!old school, sweet, classic
User Button site that is best described as a virtual undead scrapbook. EGL, Art, Dolls, and more!gothic, classic, ...glassic
User Button of a doll reborn in human fleshproto and old school general (i take inspo from vkei and 90's goth for my coords)
User Button sort of narrative scrapbook taking the veiwer on a trip through my personal relationship with egl and fandom.old school, classic, country, sweet
User Button little corner of the web dedicated to my interests, such as ouji and lolita fashion, historical fashion, art, and voice synths.Ouji, pirate, old school
User Button digital garden filled with lolita fashion, art, and other things of interestold school, gothic
User Button little web space! i talk abt my interests here including lolitaOTT sweet, but classic is also adorbs
User Buttonhttps://troubleinthemessagecentre.neocities.orgLolita, Gyaru, BJDs and OCs! This is my special interest hub <3Old School of all substyles
User Button personal site of a victorian dollClassic, Gothic