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Girl's Last Tour

Another post apocalyptic manga that I adore. The artwork is beautiful. Tsukumizu always evokes the love I have for brutalism. The adventures that the two main characters go on and their dialogue truly make the story. I found Girl's Last Tour very comforting despite the melancholia.

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Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is one of my favorite games. I am very fond of the post apocalypse, and Fallout's world is one of my favorites though I always felt a very strong disappointment with Fallout 4. Fallout New Vegas, despite its dated graphics and some other issues, is one of my favorite pieces of fiction. The House Always Wins

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Yokohama Kaidashi Kikuo

I am very fond of peaceful post apocalyptic work, so Yokohoma Shopping Log is very high on the list for me. It is quite possible in my top five list of manga.. It is about an android running a cafe. It's a very beautiful work with an air of melancholia I adore. The characters age and you relate to them losing their childhood as they grow older. The beauty and sadness of this world I feel isn't captured in many stories.

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