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Little Nightmares 1 and 2

I spent a very long time obsessed with Little Nightmares. The story, while difficult to grasp if you don't dig through every single bit of lore and background detail, is very fascinating to me. I also love the art style, the music, the concepts, everything about it. Little Nightmares 1 and 2 are both masterpieces to me.

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My Heart is a Chainsaw

My Heart is a Chainsaw has an exciting start, but the book itself is long and very slow. I enjoyed it immensely. The protagonist is an indigenous girl named Jade living in a gentrifying town. She has an obsession with slasher films and the events in her life seem to be mirroring that of one of her films. The question is: is she delusional or is the world around her really that of a horror flick?

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Uzumaki is considered by many to be Junji Ito's magnum opus, and I agree. I find the story to be so beautifully made, and the love in it connects with me today. The horror is truly shocking as well. Of course, Junji Ito's art continues to be striking. I would do anything and everything for Shuichii.

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The Rust Maidens

The Rust Maidens is a book about the trauma a woman experienced watching the girls from her neighborhood turn into metal beings. It has some interesting body horror, and I think the way the women are written is good. The imagery is beautiful as well.

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8:11 is by my friend Dubuk. It is a surreal horror game featuring angels, murder, and priests who aren't exactly in their right mind. It's full of very beautiful art, and it is one of the most memorable RPG Maker games I've played. Every character is an absolute darling, and the story is so fascinating that despite it's 6 hour length, it can easily be played in one sitting

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Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is a psychological horror movie about an idol who has transitioned into film experiencing... Something. Glimpses of the past? Glimpses of the present? A false sense of self? There's a lot going on in Perfect Blue. The movie is beautiful as well.

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Flesh Blood and Concrete

Flesh Blood and Concrete is a game by the my friend Io. I beta tested it and watched it grow in popularity after its release. It has some of the most beautiful art in an RPG Maker game I've seen, and the concepts and setting continue to go through my mind today. It is haunting and Nika is so lovable.

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